About Silver Vision Trading

Hey, what’s up I’m Tim, the owner and operator of Silver Vision Trading. I opened this website in hopes of opening an online store, but not just any kind of online store; an online store you want to hang out at. Silver Vision Trading caters to number of different hobby and enthusiasts. What I’m selling is from my personal inventory, and my shipping (for being a one man show with a full time job) is relatively quick.

What The Site Carries:

  • Sports Cards
  • Tech Decks
  • Hot Wheels
  • Coins

Like I said, it’s my personal inventory, so I guess it’s “curated.”

Curated, so it’s a “cool” online store. No chat bots or pushy sales people trying to just get you though the website and into the sale. Browse around yourself, sign up for the newsletter if you want to know what’s been added and sold. If you want to get hold of me about something on the website, shoot me an email at SiverVisionTrading@aol.com.

If you’re like me you’re not a big talker unless it’s something you’re passionate about. I’m pretty passionate about and can talk all day about my hobbies… I know some of you are too. So I’m installing some features to make the site for a community. Here you’ll find a link to our forum (you remember forums). It’s not really monitored that much (yet), but I’ll do my best to keep a civil place going. My goal is to make this website a hang out to discuss our hobbies (If politics is really part of your hobby go ahead and use it, where/when necessary, but I just want to keep this a cool place that stays on hobby topics.)

There will also be other features here aside from cool inventory and private forum, there will be an arcade. Yep, an arcade, where the weekly high score winner gets a coupon good for the store the next week. I’m thinking rotating games on a weekly basis… this way it will prevent score board domination.

Oh yeah, can’t forget cryptocurrencies… I don’t take them… yet. The website will eventually have its own currency. You won’t be forced to use it, it’s just a project I want to try… and think of it as investing in this project.

NFTs too since they’re a thing now. With the NFTs purchased you’ll be able to use the design for personal use. What’s stopping you from taking a screen shot? There will be something I call “fractional use NFTs,” these NFTs can be rented and are designs on apparel sold in the store. Rent the NFT and for the given period you will receive a cut on the designs purchased on goods.

Silver Vision Trading, a small store with big vision.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to talking more with you in the future.